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Automation & Controls

PLC Programming Automation

PLC Programming Automation

At Focal Automation we follow basic steps for a successful project:

Step 1: Schedule – Develop a schedule and stick to it

Step 2: Specification – Depending on the Hardware/Software selected, we provide the client with logic and graphical standards for approval

Step 3: Development – Logic development as per the specs: IO Conditioning, Alarms & Shutdowns, Interlocks, Sequences, Control loops, Communications, graphics…

Step 4: Testing – Factory Acceptance Test and Site Acceptance ensure the logic is tested as per the engineered documents prior to commissioning

Step 5: Commissioning – Testing the IO devices, Engineering and Operations signoffs of the checks completed, tuning of control loops, test sequences, alarm management

Step 6: Training – Operations and Maintenance training for their new system

Step 7: Start Up – Facility start up assistance, tuning loops

Step 1~7: Project Management – Cost Tracking, Time management, Change Orders, Turnover package,