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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a 24 hour support line which is forwarded to the on-call person.
We have two branches and a panel fabrication shop in Sherwood Park and Calgary, Alberta. However, we have done or are doing projects in the Middle East, Africa, United States and coast to coast in Canada.
Our rates are low and the majority of it goes to the team. We do this by having very low overhead.
Depending on your budget and size of the facility, the natural upgrade for BAILEY Systems would be the ABB DCS and for the MOORE it would be the SIEMENS. However, we can provide you with alternative solutions that will meet either your need for communications upgrades, cost savings, little-to-no downtime etc. Give us a call to discuss as there is never just one solution. Know your options and the pros and cons of each.
He is trendy and has the client's best interest at heart.
We do As Built Drawings from scratch if you do not have any documentation, or we can do revised existing drawings for you.
Our products are innovative software and we do have custom and smart special card that would make the documentation easier in the future.
We do commission, calibration and optimizations.
We used to create 1000 pages or more of drawings. State of the Art Digital Tools using BlueBeam, AutoCad, Visio, PDF based and ISO Complaint.
Yes, we do provide training.